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Police Investigate After More Hateful Graffiti Found In Lincoln Square

By Stephen Gossett in News on Sep 25, 2017 3:22PM

Hateful graffiti was found at multiple homes over the weekend in Lincoln Square.

Jeff Zacharias discovered the vandalism in his front yard on Sunday morning. "Anti-White" and "Cuck" were spray-painted on the pathway directly in front of the home where he and his husband live. A sign in their front yard, which read "Here We Believe Love is Love, No Human is Illegal, Black Lives Matter, Science is Real, Women's Rights are Human Rights, Water is Life, Kindness is Everything," had also been spray-painted over.

The family cleaned up the offensive graffiti but was left rattled by the incident. "I think it was very healing to get rid of it, but I think it was, it's still on our mind," Zacharias told WGN. "It’s very scary; we feel real uneasy tonight."

The man's husband, Bradd Easton, also found a "Black Lives Matter" yard sign spray-painted over with white paint elsewhere on their street, according to Windy City Times.

A home a few blocks away was also reportedly the target of offensive vandalism. A sign that read "Hate Has No Home Here" was affixed to the front door of the home that Kat Hindmand shares with her wife and young son. She discovered on Sunday morning that it had been spray-painted over, Windy City Times reports.

Another resident posted in a neighborhood social-media group that she filed a police report after her "Black Lives Matter" sign had been slapped with a "Kek" sticker, an alt-right meme, with "You Will Not Replace Us" scrawled across it.

Police are reportedly investigating at least two incidents of criminal damage and criminal defacement in the neighborhood.

More than 100 community members rallied in Lincoln Square last month after racist graffiti was found scrawled on a garage and sidewalk in the neighborhood.