Celebrated Cocktail Guru Jay Schroeder Is Back With New Basement Mezcal Bar Todos Santos

By Anthony Todd in Food on Oct 18, 2017 7:59PM

The opening cocktail lineup. Photo courtesy of Todos Santos.

We last talked to Jay Schroeder when he crafted the initial (amazing) cocktail program at Mezcaleria Las Flores. After a dispute with management, he left that bar, and while I'd heard a while ago that he'd made his way to Quiote, now he's totally revamped their basement mezcal bar into a new, separate concept: Todos Santos.

Schroeder has created a new cocktail menu separate from what's going on upstairs, with a focus on (surprise) mezcal and other agave-based spirits. Those unique mexican-made vessels that were so awesome at Mezcaleria are back, and they are served filled with a selection of seven signature cocktails.

The complete menu is below; the names alone (Geodesic Dome; Check my SoundCloud; Five Steps to Conquer) are enough to make your mouth water, and the drinks include ingredients like green cardamom, lavender and fresh fig. They're preserving seasonal fruit in-house, stocking more than 100 different kinds of spirits, and, as Schroeder says, putting out "the dopest cocktails that i can possibly conceive."

The new identify officially debuts tomorrow. Head down for some mezcal; I'll definitely be heading in soon.