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It Was the Craziest Party Cab That Could Ever Be

By Alicia Dorr in News on Oct 8, 2007 6:35PM

2007_10_08.partycab.jpgThe city's Department of Consumer Services is officially pooping the party cab. Calling the cab's festive interior decorations a distraction and its exterior adornments illegal, the department decreed that John Rees' cab be de-jollified.

Rees has until Thursday to remove the trappings, which patrons and passersby have generally regarded as pretty fun since he fully decorated every square inch of it in July. He is appealing the measure, arguing that the city is trying to squash individual expression. The city says the cab impairs his and other drivers' judgment and that it isn't in compliance with city codes.

Still, the party cab is like the Christmas CTA train, which everybody loves (even though it smells like feet). If it's suddenly unacceptable to decorate a moving vehicle with Chicago-related bobble heads and stickers with wacky catch phrases, what's next? No more Ray St. Ray? We'd like to see you try, city. We'd like to see you try.

Original image by p2wy, which we just featured.