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R. Kelly To Tour, Justice System Goes "WTF?"

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Oct 10, 2007 7:16PM

R. Kelly has announced he's taking off to tour with Keyshia Cole, Ne-Yo, and J.Holiday in November. Last we checked, isn't he supposed to not leave town or something? You know, for that thing he allegedly did and has yet to go to court for?

2007_10_rkelly.gifWe can appreciate the man is a musical genius, and even we must admit that when one of our interns starts playing "Ignition (Remix)" in the Chicagoist offices, we all end up dancing around the water cooler. But that doesn't make what Kelly allegedly did all right. And at this point, considering how skillfully his attorneys are at keeping Kelly from actually standing trial, we're beginning to doubt the man's innocence.

The fact that he booked a tour before actually getting court approval displays just how little he thinks of the justice system. And thus far, our justice system has allowed Kelly to continue to live the illusion that he is above reproach. Well, in this instance, we're hoping the judge decides to hose Kelly down, keep him at home, and maybe give him some motivation to actually get into the courtroom and resolve this whole thing once and for all.

Photo via R. Kelly's MySpace page