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Shamrock Shakes As Hard To Find As A Four-Leaf Clover

By Chuck Sudo in Food on Feb 25, 2008 3:00PM

Margaret noted briefly in her post on St. Patrick's Day rescheduling last week that this is also Shamrock Shake time. Finding it is an altogether different matter.

There once was a time when one could walk into a McDonald's around this time of year and be able to order one of these thick, minty monstrosities, no questions asked. However, if Wikipedia is to be believed, Shamrock Shakes stopped being widely available in the '90s and are now, according to the Golden Arches website, sold exclusively in Ireland. Which seems plausible; the Irish only own one out of their three whisky distilleries, why not let a company from Oak Brook sell their kids an Irish American "tradition?"

Anyway, we know there are some of you who are on the prowl for a Shamrock Shake. Via, fans of the shake can post where they've found it in their area. Shamrock Shake sightings have been recorded at Adams and Wabash in the Loop, and Archer and Newland in Archer Heights.

Where have you found, seen, or had the Shamrock Shake?