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Is Foie Gras Still Banned?

By Chuck Sudo in Food on May 14, 2008 6:53PM


From today's Tribune: Alderman Tom "Sticky Buns" Tunney, citing opposition from the restaurant industry (of which he's a member as owner of Ann Sather's) intends to force a vote on repealing the ridiculous-but-upheld-in-court foie gras ban. "We think we have the votes to (repeal) it," Tunney told the Trib.

This puts Tunney square in the sights of 49th Ward Alderman Joe "Protector of Ducks" Moore, who lobbied to pass the ban nearly two years ago. Moore told the Tribune that "restaurants continue to survive and thrive" despite the ban and that he "can't think of one restaurant that has closed because of this." But one hot dog stand certainly got in hot water, didn't they?

The reason no restaurants have closed is because the restaurants that would like to sell foie gras have found loopholes in the ban that allow them to still serve it, Mr. Moore. Whether it's through the semantics of wording (how is your duck liver terrine?), giving it away as a free side with a $30 salad, or just ignoring the ban altogether, foie gras is still prevalent in Chicago's more popular restaurants. The city Department of Public Health also has better things to do than cite a restaurant for carrying foie gras, like check for rodent infestations.

Here's hoping this does come to vote and is repealed so we never have to hear - or write - about it again.

UPDATE @ 2:30 p.m.: The foie gras ban has been repealed by a 37-6 vote. Again, REPEALED, BABY!!! We going to Hot Doug's in a week.