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Indiana Jones a Hyde Parker?

By Rob Christopher in Arts & Entertainment on May 20, 2008 3:05PM

20008_8indiana%20jones.jpg In the first three movies, the university where Dr. Jones teaches is scrupulously unmentioned. In fact, the university scenes in Raiders were shot in California and England. However the movie does tell us that Jones attended University of Chicago as a student. There were even a few episodes of the TV series that took place in Chicago (with cameos by historical figures like Elliot Ness and Ernest Hemingway). Might the new installment make the Hyde Park connection more explicit?

Ebert mentions in his review that John Hurt plays Professor Oxley, an "elderly colleague from the University of Chicago." And there were rumors (which can't be confirmed) that there was some second unit photography around campus. Who knows? In any case, we aren't expecting to see much of it onscreen. We're pretty sure that the jungles of South America will be a little more exciting than the Midway. At least as exciting as the face-off this Thursday between the Cubs and Indy.

Do you plan to catch it opening weekend?

Photo via Paramount Pictures