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Chicago Football Gets Curvier

By Karl Klockars in Arts & Entertainment on Jan 28, 2009 8:00PM


Think there are penalties for unnecessary roughness?

When Mayor Daley was spouting off a few days ago about getting a second NFL franchise in Chicago, did anyone happen to tell him that more football is indeed coming to the area? Sure, the players are going to be clad in booty shorts and sports bras rather than shorts and jerseys, but hey, whatever.

The Chicago Bliss is rolling out all the stops to hype up their upcoming season, where they will be playing full-contact scantily-clad football at the Sears Center come September. Why bring it up now, you ask? Because the famed Super Bowl halftime event, the Lingerie Bowl, marks the official kickoff of the Lingerie Football League. (Chicago connection #2: The pre-party for the Lingerie Bowl, taking place at a nudist resort in Florida, is being hosted by Dennis Rodman. [pdf] Ew.)

It's hard to imagine what kind of fetish this fulfills that couldn't already be found on the internet (see also: Rule 34), so we give this whole thing about as long as it takes to play the 4 scheduled games. Then it's back to the Chicago Force, who've been playing football for years without resorting to T&A.

Still, sex sells - maybe we could put together a party package with a pre-game meal at the Tilted Kilt, followed by a round of drinks at Coyote Ugly. Strike that - we'll just be down at Crabbby Kim's ignoring the whole mess if you need us. If we're ever that desperate to watch girls in their underpants beat the shit out of each other, we'll just watch VH1 reality shows.

Photo from the Chicago Bliss Myspace. May be NSFW.