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Bitter Blagojevich Drinks Springfield Haterade

By Marcus Gilmer in News on Feb 11, 2009 7:20PM

2009_02_11_blagoisadoucherocket.jpg Oh, Blago. When will you ever learn? People try their best to give you opportunities in the wake of your absolute asshattery and yet you insist on making yourself look like an even bigger doucherocket than we thought. Our pal Eric Zorn was listening in to Blago's appearance this morning on WLS and found some of what Blago had to say eyebrow-raising. It seems Blago has decided to go all Blair Waldorf on Springfield, spreading everyone's dirty laundry. Here are some of the more choice excerpts.

On Springfield lawmakers being drunks:

They give these speeches and they act like they’re so moral.

There’s a prominent legislative leader, OK, you know, who was going to work with us on a couple of issues. But, you know, this is very common, he has a little laundry list of stuff he wants, and among these things—this is how the system in Springfield works, where a bunch of these lawmakers go down to Springfield, nobody even knows who they are, they’re away from their families, it’s a whole different world down there, a bunch of them are cheating on their spouses, a lot of them drink in excess, very few of them know what’s going on.

On Mike Madigan being an evil pied-piper:

So the House Democrats, for example, virtually every one of them is getting extra pay because (Illinois House Speaker Michael) Madigan has given them all chairmanships and sub-committee chairmanships. Virtually every one of them, you know, have extra stipends that they get. That’s how he buys them off to do his bidding, and basically be blind and just follow the leader.

On Springfield lawmakers and their adulterous affairs:

Another legislative leader came to us because one of his members was sleeping with his secretary. And then the wife found out and she wanted that secretary fired. But this guy was in love with his secretary, so he goes to the legislative leader, they come to us, they want us to hire this woman so that we can keep that guy happy and, you know, then hope that they might work with us on some issues.

Also thrown under the bus: State Senate President John Cullerton, Mayor Daley, Rep. Joe Lyons (D-Chicago), and Rep. John D’Amico. The gloves are off, kids. This is getting interesting.

AP Photo/Paul Beaty