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D-Pete Cuts Down Ribbons, Irritates Neighbors (Again)

By Prescott Carlson in News on Mar 25, 2009 4:20PM

Photo by Katie Scully
Sharon Bychowski, next door neighbor of Drew Peterson, is claiming that Peterson went around in the middle of the night with one of his kids and cut down purple and white ribbons Bychowski and other volunteers had put around all the trees on their street as a memorial to Peterson's missing wife, Stacy. Peterson first cut the ribbons off the trees in the parkway in front of his own house on Saturday afternoon, which neighbors replaced. This routine went on a couple of more times until Peterson placed a call to the Bolingbrook police, claiming the ribbons violate village ordinance (they don't).

So with the police unable to do anything, Peterson reportedly took pictures of the ribbon happy group and a verbal altercation ensued with Peterson, Len Wawczak, and Peterson's stepbrother, Thomas Morphey. Morphey is the one who claims to have helped Peterson carry a blue container out of his house that he says felt "warm to the touch" and who finally went public with his full story two weeks ago.

Why was D-Pete so irritated by some ribbons? Maybe it was because purple wasn't chosen because it was Stacy's favorite color, but because they represent domestic violence awareness. In response to the ribbon brouhaha, Peterson told the Sun-Times, "They're a bunch of liars and low-life (expletives). There's not a job between them." This isn't the first time Peterson and Bychowski have butted heads -- Bychowski claims to have received graveyard photos and a message about Stacy in her mailbox she believes to be from Peterson, she has organized search parties to look for Stacy's body, and she has previously placed a large photo of Stacy in her front yard with the phone number for the Illinois State Police tip line.