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Inherit The Windbag: Blago For Sale

By Marcus Gilmer in News on Jul 26, 2010 2:00PM

Sure, the main focus today in the Blagojevich case will be on closing arguments. But there will be action on the auction block as a Tribune report today details a storage unit that the Blagos are a year behind on paying and now the owner of the facility is threatening to auction those items off to pay off the bill. Not that there's apparently a whole lot worth owning: besides one boring Elvis statue, the facility's owner - Paul Lombardo - says most of the items in the unit are "largely boxes and records." Lombardo says he's sent the dead-beat gov and his attorneys a certified letter notifying them of the August 14 date for public auction of the materials if he doesn't get cash in hand. And while he's spoken to one of Blago's attorneys, there's still no money. So at 9 a.m. on the 14th, it's all for sale. Proceeds will be donated to Children's Memorial Hospital, where several of Lombardo's children have been treated and a regular charity of his. And we all remember how the hospital fits into Blago's current predicament.

As for the case in the courtroom, expect a lot of bombast today after last week's twist in which the ex-gov's defense made the ballsy move of resting without calling a single witness. Their claim? That the infamous Blago tapes showed the ex-gov was all talk, no action. But the feds say there's more than enough talk and action for conspiracy. The attorneys will have over six hours today to breathe hellfire and brimstone to support their cases, but they only get today as Judge Zagel wants the case in the jury's hands by the time court wraps up this evening.