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Place Your Bets! The Blagojevich Verdict Pool Is Open!

By Karl Klockars in News on Jul 28, 2010 2:40PM

This wheel is rigged - it always comes up Double Zero.
The arguments have been made, the tapes have been played, the witnesses have been called and the kids have been used as props. Yes, we've had our fun, but it's almost time to call it quits with this whole Blagojevich trial, and it's gone by so quickly we're left feeling like all the Christmas presents got opened too fast and now we're just left with the wrapping. While some of that anticipation got burnt off early, we junkies of political intrigue, corruption, profanity and governmental deviance can still spend the next few hours and days gleefully looking forward to a verdict, can't we?

Thus, with the jury probably being read their instructions as we speak, any number of possibilities lie before us. We could have the verdict almost immediately. They could argue for weeks. They could vote to convict on everything, they could make no decision at all. So in between now and then, in the spirit of the original Blagojevich "Political Death" Pool, we're opening the floor to your legal prognostication.

Personally, I'm appealing to the Gods of the Media Cycle and laying my marker on a verdict handed in Thursday night, an evening of analysis and intrigue, and a reading at 10 a.m. on Friday. Double or nothing on the Blagojevich Brothers running the table - guilty on all counts.