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[UPDATED] Chicago River Gator Does Victory Lap, Dodges Traps, Runs For Mayor Gets Caught

By Marcus Gilmer in News on Aug 24, 2010 4:00PM

Oh, Chicago River Alligator, do you have some cajones. Far more exciting than any Vince Vaughn siting in town, the most recent alligator to call the North Branch of the Chicago River home took a victory lap yesterday with residents and photographers looking on. And Fox News is reporting that their cameras caught it taking a dip again this morning even as Animal Control folks are setting traps for it. The three-to-four foot gator, the second seen within the last three weeks, was first spotted Sunday afternoon.

Earlier today, we mentioned that today is the first day for circulating nominating petitions to run for Mayor. Clearly, this is the alligator's attempt to get on our radar and start a run at the Fifth Floor. So, despite our fears, we'll go with it: Alligator '11 For Mayor. Look, people, it's either that or we might as well just pave the road with gold for our new raccoon overlords.

UPDATE: Alas, Gator '11 was not meant to be. It seems that less than an hour ago, Animal Control and the mysterious animal wrangler Alligator Bob took the Chicago River Gator into custody. Judging by the Trib's photo, it was actually a pretty small gator which leads us to believe the raccoons were going to win all along.