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In Remembrance On the Job

By Sean Stillmaker in News on Nov 27, 2010 11:00PM

Photo by Scott Fleming
There’s only one city service that picks up the phone every time you call. Only one service that will show up at your door any time of the day. Another one of those servicemen died yesterday. Two Chicago Police Officers were murdered this week, totaling six officers who died on duty this year, the most since 1982.

Michael Flisk, 46, was two months shy of celebrating 20 years on the job. He was working as an evidence technician when he was dispatched to a car burglary. When he arrived at the 8100 block of South Burnham he met Stephen Peters, 44, a former CHA officer and a Police Officer for the suburban Village of Robbins.

Both men were gunned down at about 1:30 p.m. Both men had families. Flisk is survived by his wife and four children. Peters is survived by his wife and three sons. There are no suspects yet, but a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the killer(s).

Alan Haymaker died on duty Feb. 22 from injuries sustained when his squad car spun out of control on Lakeshore Drive smashing into a tree and light pole. He was on his way to a burglary call.

Thomas Wortham IV died in front of his father at his Chatham house after a robbery attempt. Thor Odin Soderberg died in the parking lot of the Englewood police station after a robbery attempt. Michael Bailey, weeks from retirement, died in front of his home after a robbery attempt. David Blake with 84 awards and 67 honorable mentions was found dead in his SUV Monday.

Over the last 10 years 19 Chicago Police Officers died, according to the Fallen Heroes database. 10 were gunned down on duty, four died in car accidents answering a call, two died from injuries sustained from being shot on duty years previous, one died from being struck by a passing train on duty, one died from a cerebral hemorrhage on duty and one died being struck by the bullet her son fired to commit suicide. In 2010 there are six officers that died on duty that number has not been seen since 1982.