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A Chicagoist Podcast Series "Very Special Episode": One Year In Noise

By Karl Klockars in Miscellaneous on Dec 21, 2010 4:20PM

The end of the year, especially when it closes out a decade, is chock full of lists. We here at the Chicagoist Podcast Series have tried to make things easy on you and give you an audio version of the year-end retrospectacular list, for you to jam in your ears and enjoy at your leisure.

We scanned the hunks of audio we've produced this year, and came up with these gems from the past 350-some odd days. We've wrapped them up with a bow and give to you, Constant Listener, in one bug hunk of sound ready for you to use to break in that iPod you got in your stocking. This retrospective contains tiny little blips of "excellence" featuring conversations from:

You should be able to download each and every one of these these podcasts into the holiday mp3 player your relative got for you as long as they didn't cheap out and get you the 2-gigabyte version. Anyways, all of these are FREE, so load up like you got shafted by your Secret Santa: Subscribe via iTunes here, get updates via RSS here, or view a complete list of all downloadable podcasts.

The producers, editors, engineers and staff of the Chicagoist Podcast Series would like to thank you for the year's 26k+ downloads (and taking into account that summer break, that ain't bad) and wish you a year full of good sounds, happy noises, occasional feedback squeals of glee and happy downloading. Pod bless us, everyone.