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Achatz Speakeasy Reveals Name and Menu

By Anthony Todd in Food on Jun 24, 2011 2:30PM

The interior of the new bar, via Achatz's twitter.
Earlier this week, we mentioned Grant Achatz's new super hard-to-get-into bar, underneath the Aviary. With only 14 seats, and entry by invitation or reservation only, we opined that we'd probably never get in. Our commenters mostly said "Good riddance." Time Out Chicago now has the entire menu, and while we still think we'll never get in, now we're a little bit sad about it.

The bar, which (as some had speculated based on the sign) is called The Office, has a sparse but expensive food menu. It includes Caviar ($95/oz), Foie Gras ($65), Beef Tartare ($50) and other traditional-sounding dishes which are meant for sharing. David Tamarkin is most excited about the Ice Cream sundae ($25 for 2), and we have to admit we share in the excitement.

Drinks are all $20 - and this is where we get a little bit less excited. As we ranted a long, long time ago, while the Violet Hour is making amazing drinks at $12, we are reluctant to buy into the constant upward price creep of Chicago cocktails. $14, maybe. But $20? It also doesn't help that ING, next door, is also doing interesting molecular gastronomy cocktails - and they are only charging $10-$15. On the other hand, the drinks do look interesting and tasty. They don't have names on the menu, but if you're a cocktail geek, reading the list will make you very, very interested. The whole menu is online at Time Out.