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Rep. Joe Walsh Calls Gov. Pat Quinn A "Tool" At Tea Party Meeting

By Samantha Abernethy in News on Jan 18, 2012 5:30PM

Image Credit: Jeff Cagle

Because Rep. Joe Walsh apparently doesn't have a verbal filter, or any semblance of tact, he called Gov. Pat Quinn a tool while speaking at a DuPage Tea Party meeting on Sunday. What was it our mothers taught us about name-calling? The Doings writes:

“This governor, Gov. Quinn, is a tool,” he said. “This state is an embarrassment. People are leaving in droves because of taxes and regulations. One man runs this state, and it’s not Gov. Quinn; it’s (House Speaker) Mike Madigan.”

We can just add this to the list of embarrassing things the congressman has said and done since he took office. Let's review.

  • Last year Walsh's ex-wife sued him for $100,000 in child support that he hadn't paid. Did he pay up? No, he was a dick about it and continued being a deadbeat dad.

  • Of fellow Illinois congressman Randy Hultgren, in November Walsh said, "If he raises his voice and calls into question who I am as a father I'll punch him in the face, figuratively speaking.”
  • Classy.
  • In September he refused to attend Pres. Barack Obama's speech on the economy, saying he refused to be a "prop" for the president.

  • At a town hall meeting in November, he flipped out on some constituents who were talking about the economy, saying, “don’t blame the banks … this pisses me off!”

  • Then, when some Occupy protesters came to his office in Washington in December, he fled, then sent out a rude tweet. "My office was invaded by Occupy Protesters today & all I saw were $1000 laptops & vomit on the carpet. Thank God for #febreze"