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If You’re Going To Commit Ritualistic Satanic Murder, Do So To The New Killer Moon Album

By Jon Graef in Arts & Entertainment on May 14, 2012 9:00PM


So, you’ve decided to commit ritualistic satanic murder. First, no! YOU’RE EVIL AND MUST BE STOPPED. Second, if you’re going to commit ritualistic Satanic murder, do so to the right music: Namely, the debut album from instrumental doom-edelia trio Killer Moon.

The Chicago trio, whose self-titled debut album celebrates its proper release tonight at the Empty Bottle, exercise a knack for a mystics-evoking, piercing blend of post-rock, psychedelia, and doom metal.

Naturally, listening to Killer Moon under the, um, wrong influences/circumstances, could result in a very bad time indeed. But, overwhelmingly, Killer Moon create a cavernous, murderous blend of heaviness, transcendental emotions, and sheer sonic terror, to the degree that listeners simply must surrender to the music. (That’s not to say you should surrender, inevitable victim of ritualistic Satanic murder. See: The House of The Devil, Dust Devil, etc., for how to fight back).

One legit complaint though: As an album (six tracks, 40 minutes), the music on Killer Moon too often draws on the post-rock well of starting quietly, then crescendoing to a volcanic climax, to the point where the dynamics of the songs start to blend together. However, such slights can be easy to forgive, particularly since the destinations of these instrumental journeys hit as hard as they do, as on closer “The Dark Rift” (which appeared on last year’s Spective Audio compilation).

Elsewhere, scorched earth opener “Lost Tribe” adds tribal Desert flair to the band’s sound, and “Sacred Cenote” mainlines its charm through a rock solid Sabbath-esque groove. Killer Moon was recorded back in 2009, but wasn’t released until now. Another album, the more recently recorded Tunnel Vision, is also due this year. Based on Moon, Vision should be a real … (wait for it) Killer! (Insert Cryptkeeper laugh here).

Killer Moon play FREE, tonight, at Empty Bottle, 1035 North Western Avenue, 9:30 p.m., 21+, Creepy Band and Alma Negra open.