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Ted Nugent Says And Does Predictably Ridiculous Things At House Of Blues

By Samantha Abernethy in Arts & Entertainment on Aug 16, 2012 7:45PM


Ted Nugent performed at the House of Blues in Chicago on Tuesday, and as per usual, he said ridiculously conservative things. Then, he closed out the show by reenacting the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima then holding what appears to be an assault rifle in the air.

The gun-loving Madman from Motor City is known for his conservative views more than his musical prowess nowadays. Earlier this year he said, "I will be dead or in jail" if Obama is reelected. That was enough of a threat to warrant a nice little chat with the Secret Service. This time Nugent kept his rhetoric a little more tame, hailing the troops and saying Pres. Barack Obama wipes his ass with the constitution while the troops are defending it. We should probably once again point out that Nugent allegedly went to unusual lengths to avoid serving in the Vietnam War, which makes his screaming "Semper Fi, Motherfucker!" while mimicking the scene at Iwo Jima all the more painful to watch.

Earlier this year, Nugent forced Mitt Romney to make some gun promises before The Nuge would endorse him for the GOP nomination, but he's a little happier with the VP choice. Paul Ryan gets an "A" from the NRA, too. “He’s an addicted bowhunter. He loves the mystical flight of the arrow,” Nugent told Newsmax. “I defy you to come up with a person that has a more spiritual relationship with the pulse that drives Paul Ryan’s life than me.”

Watch video from Nugent's concert below. Fast forward to 12:15 to watch the alleged draft dodger play soldier. Bonus: At least you get to see him do "Stranglehold," the only Nugent song worth acknowledging. Did you know he doesn't sing it?