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Five Local Releases You Might Have Missed This Summer

By Katie Karpowicz in Arts & Entertainment on Aug 8, 2013 7:40PM

Photo by ryanbakerink

Keeping up with new music releases during the summer can be tough. You usually spend a good chunk of listening hours catching up on the discography of whatever artist you're most excited to see at whatever music festival you're most excited to attend. While you were out Lollapalooza-ing or Pitchfork-ing or what have you though several local releases caused a blip on our radar and we didn't want you missing out.

2013_08_themizzerables-thumb-240x240-803117.png The Mizzerables
Every Last Stitch

The words "pop punk" mean something entirely different today than they did 20 years ago. Somewhere along the way synthesizers and shimmering production quality replaced the "punk" element of the genre, reducing it, simply, to pop music. If you yearn for the days when Tim Armstrong, Brett Gurewitz and Fat Mike ruled the scene, then The Mizzerables newest album might satisfy your thirst. Already one of this writer's favorite local releases of the year after just a few spins, Every Last Stitch is a much needed reminder of pop punk in the'90s with enough originality to stick in your head for days to follow.

2013_08_gauntlethair-thumb-240x240-803115.jpg Gauntlet Hair

Sure to give the noise rock crowd something to wrap its collective head around, Gauntlet Hair's new album Stills is melodically challenging, flanger-heavy and even slightly industrial at times. We wouldn't necessarily call these ten songs "catchy," but "enticing"? Sure thing.

2013_08_Sam_vicari.jpg Sam Vicari
Heart Explosion

Equal parts sweet sensitivity and respectable rocking, Sam Vicari's Heart Explosion has emo appeal but hardly feels sappy. The Chicagoist music writers are already fans of the album's title track and now that we've heard the album in full, you won't find any disappointment 'round these parts.

2013_08_cmnineedyrhlp-thumb-240x240-803119.jpg Cmon ineed yr hlp
It Came Without Warning...As Most Disasters Do

The music behind this trio's new EP is just as murky and mysterious as the concept behind the songs. As far as concept albums go, It Came Without Warning... is pretty abstract. The songs follow "a gentle sea monster trapped and kept against his will for the amusement and profits of his oceanfront captors." Full bodied prog rock rhythms and quick jabs of math rock melodies keep the saga moving as the ensnared protagonist plots its escape.

2013_08_TheHorsesHa_AlbumArt.jpg The Horse's Ha

Sike! This one's not out yet. It will be soon though—you can pre-order through the link above—and we didn't want it to slip by. On the band's latest release co-vocalists Janet Bean and James Elkington bring sophistication to prairie rock with the help of a small army of rich string family sounds behind them. If you need a soothing soundtrack while cooking a can of beans over an open fire, this is it.¬†Catch The Horse's Ha on August 22 at the Hideout for the record release show.