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Photo of Man Riding Segway On Lake Shore Drive Makes Great Case For Darwin Awards

By Jon Graef in News on Mar 22, 2014 4:00PM

Not to advocate survival of the fittest, but how do you even get yourself into such a predicament?

The RedEye talked to Streeterville resident Tim Rodriguez, whose girlfriend, Brie Back, snapped a picture last summer of a man riding a Segway and talking on his phone on Lake Shore Drive.

Sadly, the person riding the Segway was not Gob Bluth.

Rodriguez told the RedEye Back took the picture while driving back from a lunch date the two had together. (Taking a picture while driving is, of course, the lesser of the vehicular sins committed here.)

"As [Back] merged [onto Lake Shore Drive], she was astonished to see a man on a Segway and on his phone no less," Rodriguez wrote to RedEye. "She was so taken aback she had to take a picture."

Though the photo is from last summer, the picture was only uploaded to Reddit Thursday, after Back and Rodriguez returned from South-By-Southwest. They were inspired to post the picture by a meme making fun of oblivious people on Segways.

This, unfortunately, is not the first time something like this has happened.

Let this be a reminder there's a substantial difference between the lakefront path and Lake Shore Drive. If you are on four wheels, you're probably fine with the latter. If you're on two wheels, then maybe you should just stick to the path. The view is much nicer there anyhow.