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Tuesday Afternoon Diversion: Memories Of Encased Meat

By Lisa White in Arts & Entertainment on May 6, 2014 8:00PM

The news that Hot Doug's will be closing for good this October sent a large majority of the city into a fit of hysteria earlier this morning. We may not agree on baseball, politics or a lot of other things in Chicago, but apparently mourning the lost of a hot dog institution truly brings us all together.

To celebrate Hot Doug's, we've got a few favorite videos to share this afternoon. First up, in case you weren't aware it existed, crank up the Hot Doug's theme song!

Next up is a classic, Anthony Bourdain's visit to the encased meat promise land. We hope Bourdain can stop back in before October and get his fill of foie gras dogs.

And lastly, Marcus Leshock of WGN News takes actor and author George Wendt to Hot Doug's. Given the news earlier today, maybe Wendt's suggestion at the 1:22 mark has become a reality and Doug is ready for the condo life.