The Tumblring Dead: 'Dead In Chicago' Blog Takes Historical, Macabre Look At City

By Marielle Shaw in Arts & Entertainment on Oct 5, 2014 6:00PM

Photo credit: Renee Rendler-Kaplan

Despite our brief flirtation with an early December (no, thanks!), we are firmly planted in autumn. Five days into October, pumpkin spice everything is on the shelves, the leaves are changing, and we've got our sweaters out and our ciders on tap.

There’s nothing we like more on a windy, rainy fall evening than popping some popcorn and firing up the Netflix for some horror movie fun. If that’s not enough to quell your pre-Halloween spooky-bone though, a new Chicago Tumblr may be just the thing.

It’s called Dead In Chicago, and while at first it may seem like a depressing read, it’s more of a tales of the unexplained sort of thing.

The author, Leyla I. Royale, apparently got her inspiration after stumbling on the Chicago Tribune’s archives. As a self-professed lover of history and the “strange and macabre” she decided to take what she was finding interest in in the archives and share it in the format of a daily blog. The stories are those of ghosts and ghouls, odd and unexplained deaths, and weird accidents from around the city and throughout its history.

We’re always down for a good story, and these are brief but interesting tales of days gone by. If you’ve got some time, and feel like reading about the stranger side of things, give this blog a go. We're looking forward to more.