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Cards Against Humanity Donates $250,000 To Organization Tracking Big Money In Politics

By Jon Graef in News on Dec 21, 2014 5:30PM


Cards Against Humanity, everyone's favorite bastardized version of Apples To Apples, donated a quarter of a million dollars to the Sunlight Foundation, a nonprofit devoted to following the money in politics, as the expression goes.

The money CAH donated came from the game's recent 10 Days Or Whatever of Kwanzaa promotion, which followed last year's 12 Days Of Holiday Bullshit. As the case was with both promotions, the company sent out special promotions for each day to people who paid for them. (This year, it was 250,000 people who paid $15 each for the promo, which adds up to almost $4 million dollars. Not bad at all.)

In a post on the Cards Against Humanity website, the company explained their motives with a series of sardonic ways to company could have opted to use the money from the holiday promotions to influence politicians. Each entry uses an outrageous quotation from a United States politician, then a "fun fact" which rebuts what the politician said.

(For example: the company said it could buy "a year's full salary for one full-time butler and four manservants" for Republican Jim Wheeler, an assemblyman from Nevada, who, when asked if he would vote to reinstate slavery, said "Yes, I would." Appropriately, the COH "fun fact" for Wheeler's entry is "Fuck This Guy.")

The company wraps up the gag by saying:

Instead of bribing our elected officials, we gave $250,000 to the Sunlight Foundation - a nonprofit that lets us see who's spending money in politics and how much they're spending.

You can use the Sunlight Foundation’s tools to see who’s giving money to your officials using Influence Explorer, and you can find out who represents you and what they vote for using OpenCongress.

You can also learn about the important work that the Sunlight Foundation is doing to create a more open, transparent government at

For their part, the Sunlight Foundation wrote that they were "thrilled to be the recipients, once again, of Cards Against Humanity’s generosity."

But beyond feeling grateful for their contribution of $250,000 to generally support Sunlight’s operations (a rare thing in this day of grants that exclusively fund specific projects), we are excited Max Temkin and company used this opportunity to raise awareness of how much money pervades America’s political system.

Cards Against Humanity Cards Against Humanity also recently packaged actual bullshit to protest Black Friday.

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