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Clear Your Dibs From The Streets Before The City Takes It

By Chuck Sudo in News on Feb 12, 2015 8:30PM

Photo credit: Debbie Mercer

It's been over a week since the Super Bowl Blizzard dumped more than 19 inches of snow on the city. The streets that haven’t been plowed are now passable thanks to a combination of milder weather melting the snow away and drivers crushing the powder into oblivion, while our current deep freeze has rendered what remains into frost-burned waste.

In short: the dibs threat level is green, Chicago.

It’s time to stow the sawhorses, milk crates, broken lawn furniture, cornhole game sets, stop signs and general garbage with sentimental value you’ve been using these past two weeks to selfishly protect the parking spaces you’ve cleared, well past the point where it was necessary to do so. You need to clear your shit from the streets today because the city is set to make that decision for you beginning Friday.

Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Charles Williams said your dibs are “obstructions” (which is more generous than “shit”) that need to be removed from the public way. Streets and San crews will begin clearing broken furniture, plastic bins and other trash from the streets starting Friday, and Williams encouraged residents to call 311 if there are some holdouts.

So be good neighbors. Clear your dibs and help those whose cars are still surrounded by moats of ice to free their autos.

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