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One Shot: How NOT To Use A Bike Path

By Lisa White in News on Mar 30, 2015 7:35PM

(Photo courtesy of Ronit Bezalel)

And we thought riding a Divvy bike on Lake Shore Drive was bad. This photo, sent to us by reader Ronit Bezalel, might take the cake as one of the worst examples of how not to share the road in the city. Bezalel came across a city worker inspecting this car that was parked in the middle of the bike path on the bridge right before Navy Pier this morning. She says the worker had no idea how this happened, there was no evidence of how the car got there and no apparent damage to the fence. The city worker seemed just as confused as the cyclist, according to Bezalel.

As much as we'd like to hope it's just a super cool magic trick, it's likely a much sadder explanation. Reddit Chicago has a few theories, but all of them pretty much end with the same conclusion that some poor sap drove way too long on a path not meant for a car until they finally wrecked their front wheel, gave up and abandoned all hope. We're guessing insurance won't cover this?

As always, a friendly reminder, to learn the rules of the road , don't be an asshole and if you are driving in a car, stay off bike paths.