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Disco And Tiki Collide In 'Rum-Soaked Harmony' At Logan Square Pop-up

By Anthony Todd in Food on Feb 25, 2016 3:25PM

Anvil Bar & Refuge (right) is taking over Lost Lake (left). Photos via Facebook.

In the 1970s, disco helped kill Tiki culture in America. At least, it did according to the folks behind Lost Lake, Logan Square's awesome tiki bar: "The pillars of the original tiki movement — laid-back vibes and quality, handcrafted cocktails — could not coexist with the demand for super speedy service, dance floors, bell bottoms, and drugs." Well, history is about to be re-written, as Lost Lake gets re-vamped next week into "Texas Tiki Disco."

The somewhat insane mashup comes from Anvil Bar & Refuge, an acclaimed cocktail bar in Houston. They'll be taking over Lost Lake from Sunday, Feb. 28 to Friday, March 4, and serving tropical takes on classic cocktails, punch bowls, 1970s dinner party snacks (from Thank You, next door) and plenty of great disco music.

Why the takeover? Well, Paul McGee and the Lost Lake crew are taking a "research trip" to Martinique, and someone has to man the bar—and that someone is Anvil's Bobby Heugel. We're particularly excited about Heugel's "Break Even" program that he's bringing up from Texas—he serves one ounce pours of rare and expensive spirits at cost, giving customers a unique opportunity to try some great stuff.

I'll give the last word to McGee and company, since they said it better than we could: "Join in the experiment as Bobby Heugel and his team exercise the booze-fueled conspiracy theory that tiki and disco are not opposing cosmic forces, and can indeed exist in a spectacular rum-soaked harmony!"