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Photo: Logan Square Graffiti Is Getting Really Twee

By Mae Rice in Food on Jul 6, 2016 5:13PM

Photo by Mae Rice/Chicagoist

We all know that Logan Square is gentrifying, and here's the latest proof: Even the graffiti is getting family-friendly. This gentle defacement of signage outside the Logan Square Blue Line station, at the entrance south of Milwaukee, is so cute and punny we thought it might be an ad for the nearby Chicago Diner. (It's not, as far they know.)

It's even done in what looks like chalk... out of consideration for the people who might have to remove it, we guess?

Logan Square has lost more than its Aloha billboard these past few months. It's lost its edge, man. It might as well embrace its dad-jokey new nickname, Vegan Square—which doesn't even make total sense, because it's not like it's teeming with vegan restaurants? But it is teeming with vegans. And meat-eaters who are culturally vegan. And a farmer's market even the perennially-clueless New York Times managed to find and enjoy. Sigh.

For better graffiti, there are still the epic murals on the Mega Mall just down the street from the Logan Square Blue Line stop—but that's getting torn down any day now. [Sobs]