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Dick Wolf Calls Chicago 'A Cleaner, Politer New York With Slightly Heavier People'

By Gwendolyn Purdom in Arts & Entertainment on Sep 1, 2016 3:00PM

Seeing as he has now set four TV shows here, you'd think NBC producer Dick Wolf would have only nice things to say about our fair city. And he mostly did when he dropped into town this week to tout the economic bump the TV and movie industry has given Chicago in the last five years. But in addition to complimenting our cleanliness and our manners, Wolf also called us fat.

"I said to the mayor, I tell people that Chicago, compared to New York—where I grew up and I still love&8212this is a cleaner, politer New York with slightly heavier people," the Wolf reportedly said during Wednesday's press conference with Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The mayor apparently motioned for Wolf to cut it out but also high-fived him after the comment.

OK, fine, Dick, we'll give you that Illinois residents came in one measly category heavier than your neighboring New Yorkers last year (30 to 35 percent obesity in Illinois versus 25 to 30 percent in NY to be precise, according to the CDC) but you could learn something from our "politer" ways: namely, not insulting the people in the state that's racking up millions for you and your "Chicago [Insert Government Branch or Profession Here]" franchise.

If you need us, we'll just be in the corner eating our feelings in the form of delicious, delicious deep dish pizza, which, we might add, is far superior to the floppy, oily excuse for pizza New Yorkers prefer.

[h/t: Tribune]