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Get Scared, Everyone: Wrigleyville's Hellish TBOX Is Tomorrow

By Anthony Todd in Food on Dec 9, 2016 5:38PM

It's happening again, folks: the most hellish event in Wrigleyville all year happens tomorrow. TBOX, or the "Twelve Bars of Christmas" kicks off tomorrow morning.

In case you're lucky enough to have never heard of this insanity, it's a giant Wrigleyville bar crawl that takes place every year. It started out with twelve bars, but now it's grown to a bunch more bars and thousands and thousands of drunk bros. It's basically a festival of making bad choices in the cold.

They've also got possibly the worst website in the world (seriously, it looks like my Geocities page from high school), but it contains some pretty great tidbits. For example, this year's TBOX is wedding themed! So you can get some extra use out of that old bridesmaid dress. Also, they'll throw thousands of boxes of cereal at you. Because fun! If you're drunk enough, the fun might include getting arrested. It starts "insanely" early in the morning (8 a.m., but we guess that's supposed to be insane) and people wear "outrageous" costumes (mostly just Santa hats, but that guy is known for his outrageousness).

Want a closer look? Check out this video from last year's TBOX.

If you're interested in going to this thing, tickets are $35 in advance. If you live in Wrigleyville, consider spending the night at a friend's house in a more sane neighborhood.