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Video: Watch Foo Fighters Bring Out Perry Farrell For 'Mountain Song' At Intimate Metro Show

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Aug 5, 2017 4:30PM

Last night’s Foo Fighters show at The Metro was the third time I’ve seen them in that venue, and definitely the wildest show I’ve ever seen them perform. The well-over-three-hour set went way off script over its 32 songs, including a slew of spur-of-the-moment covers and lots of new material from the band’s forthcoming album.

The show was also a tribute to lead Foo Fighter Dave Grohl’s past, including Grohl's cousin Tracy, who the frontman credits with bringing him to his first Naked Raygun show, at Cubby Bear, and thus sealing his fate of becoming a musician.

But the most surprising moment of the evening was when Grohl brought Jane’s Addiction frontman (oh, and Lollapalooza founder) Perry Farrell onstage, thanking him for all he’s done for music, and then performing a blistering version of “Mountain Song.”

Jaws dropped so hard it might’ve disrupted the dancing going on in Smart Bar a couple stories below. Personally, I’m still reeling; it was one of those incredible moments you can’t believe you got to see in the actual making. Luckily for you, we have video of the momentous occasion. Here we gooooo!

If you'd like to peek at the setlist for the entire evening, you can find a crowdsourced version—Ill vouch for its accuracy since I was there—here.

Oh, and confidential to Dave, that opening band in 1995 was Hovercraft, led by Eddie Vedder's wife at the time, and they were kind of spacey instrumental rock. I was at that show and still have their 7-inch if you want to ever listen to it. Just an FYI.