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Walking in Your Footsteps

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Jul 5, 2007 4:20PM

2007_07_police2007tour.jpgWe think even our grandfather knows The Police are playing Wrigley Field tonight, and he lives in South Texas. Their two-night stand in Chicago certainly wins the award for most hyped show of the year (and we've definitely been guilty of adding to the pre-show buzz). Even though tickets have long been sold-out, enough people bought extra tickets ahead of time in hopes of making a profit that the re-sale market for tonight and tomorrow's tickets is definitely bursting at the seams, so we're betting that ordinary folks might still be able to get into the shows for a reasonable price.

If you can't get in to see the original trio that doesn't mean you have to stay completely off memory lane. Across the street the Police Cover Up is taking place at Cubby Bear. We know, we know, we loathe Cubby Bear too, but sometimes they do put on a show that makes it worth trekking through the crowds of puking frat boys, and tonight they have one of those shows. A whole bunch of local bands have gotten together and will be performing Police covers before and after the actual show at Wrigley Field, thus giving displaced hipsters / oldsters like ourselves somewhere to congregate and take in some genuine entertainment instead of bemoaning the fact that every tap seems to run only with Bud Light.

We've spoken to the event's organizer, Paul Farahvar, and he's assured us that the bands performing aren't going to just deliver rote note for note renditions of the songs. Sting, Stewart, and Andy will be in charge of that task across the street, so we're counting on the local acts to make the covers their own. We're especially looking forward to The Cells reprising some of the selections performed at a legendary Halloween Double Door show a few years ago (any chance of a go at "Synchronicity II" boys?).